Whether you're looking to repair or renovate old or boring floors, or if you want new and stylish hardwood floors, H&G Remodeling is your best option to help. Do you need floor coverings? We can also help you. We are a complete and comprehensive service remodeling company so you can find everything in one place.

Nothing less than the best...
We can install any new floor option you want, such as laminate, parquet, tiles, planks, bamboo, ceramics, vinyl or carpet, hardwood, engineering wood, linoleum, cement, stone, marble ... We offer renovation and repair options of floors for all our commercial or residential customers in case you want to preserve your current floors.



Whether you want your family's coat of arms at the entrance or inlays to separate your kitchen and living spaces, you can customize your wooden floors. install specialized edges and change the stain on your wooden floors to something personalized and unique to your home.



H&G Remodeling LLC can repair almost any damage, including but not limited to water damage, scratches and dents on the floor or buckling. Request more information.