When you need new doors for your house, you need an expert who has experience with door installation in order to ensure everything gets done properly. That means helping you pick out the right door for your needs, performing the installation, and making sure trim is properly fitted and customized to your tastes and home so that everything fits perfectly. Making the wrong choices can result in delays, additional expense, mismatches with the rest of your home, poorly fitted doors, and many other problems besides.

Front Door Installation

The front door of your home is important for many reasons. When it comes to the appearance of your home, not only does it tie together the exterior appearance of your house, it’s a transitional element bridging the exterior and interior. When it comes to your privacy, choosing a front door matched to your space can help maintain the privacy of your living space without detracting from the appearance of your home or making it hard to identify visitors. When it comes to energy efficiency, the choice of front door and quality of installation can make a sizable difference in terms of eliminating drafts and insulating your home from the outdoors.

As specialists in finish carpentry, here at H&G Remodeling Services, we are especially proud of our work installing beautiful exterior wood doors for homeowners in need of new doors for their homes.

New Door Installation

Making sure your new door is properly installed is as important as choosing the right door. We have decades of experience installing new doors, so you can have confidence that we’ll do it right.

Interior Doors

Interior doors may not play the same role in insulating your house or preserving your privacy, but they’re still an important part of your home. Not only can they affect the look and feel of a room, but they can play roles in managing the airflow through the house; can affect the privacy of spaces within the home; and can even affect how rooms can be used. Making sure you have the right interior doors can make a world of difference in the style and comfort of your living space. We understand that  and have the experience to make sure your doors are properly fitted, installed and customized to your needs, so contact us when you’re in need of new doors.

Exterior Doors

Whether storm doors, patio doors, or other secondary entrances, most homes have more exterior doors than just a front door. Each of these serves its own purpose and has its own considerations. Whether you’re in need of new exterior wood doors for your patio or new storm doors for your house, we can help you pick the right doors and make sure they’re installed correctly on your house.

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